A Couple Look to Upgrade Their Brooklyn Rental. Which One of These Would You Choose?

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Mallory Harwardt and Max King were renting a dark one-bedroom in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, with a tiny kitchen, two small closets and no laundry room.

It wasn’t their dream home, but when they arrived in New York from Chicago a year before, they had just two days to find a place. The rent was $2,500 a month.

The couple, who met as students at Simon Fraser University in their native Canada and married three years ago, are both runners in their early 30s, and they liked their location two blocks from Prospect Park.

But with so many workout clothes to wash, doing laundry was burdensome. On weekends at the crowded laundromat, Mr. King, a computer programmer for the nonprofit Center for NYC Neighborhoods, would set an alarm so he could leave and return just before the machines finished.

And in the cramped kitchen, it was tough to bake. “If Max was making bread or pastry for a pie, you had to do everything in weird shifts and move everything off the counter and move it back when he was done,” said Ms. Harwardt, a grants administrator.

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Mr. King had trouble fitting his bulky hockey gear in the closets. And their sunless windows faced walls, so they could barely see the weather.

“I was not prepared for how much that bothered me,” Ms. Harwardt said. “We set our budget too low, anchored to what it was in Chicago.”

There, they paid $1,600 for a 1,500-square-foot two-bedroom with a washer-dryer.

When they moved to New York, they had targeted the area around Prospect Heights, Crown Heights and Bedford-Stuyvesant because everyone they knew in New York lived in those neighborhoods.

They wanted to remain in the area, but in a place without the drawbacks, so they upped their budget to $3,500 a month, or somewhat less if a broker’s fee was required.

Among their choices (all with laundry in the building):

Find out what happened next by answering these two questions:

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